Easily Automate Business Processes with Nintex Workflow Cloud
New Nintex Workflow Cloud™ platform unlocks the transformational business benefits of human-centric workflow automation to help enterprises accelerate business results

BELLEVUE, Wash., Jan. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Nintex, www.nintex.com, announced today the general availability of Nintex Workflow Cloud™, the company's easy, intelligent and human-centric workflow and content automation (WCA) platform. Nintex Workflow Cloud enables organizations to automate and digitally transform any process, no matter how sophisticated, to achieve faster decisions and better business outcomes.

"With Nintex Workflow Cloud, you can go from concept to automation in days, not months," said Nintex CEO John Burton. "Our drag-and-drop interface lets you use clicks -- not code -- to build workflows quickly and intuitively. The people closest to your lines of business can easily automate the processes that drive results and business success, and they can share their workflow innovations to benefit the entire business. And we give you true business process intelligence, so you can quickly measure the business impact of your workflows and make data-driven decisions that drive the greatest business impact."

Nintex VP of Product Ryan Duguid added, "Nintex Workflow Cloud makes it easy to put your people at the center of any workflow, intelligently connecting them with the content and systems that are at the epicenter of your business. Our cloud platform is built on a decade of knowledge where Nintex and our partners have helped thousands of businesses gain control over sophisticated processes."

Many Nintex partners have been successfully using Nintex Workflow Cloud and report the following: 

  • "Nintex realized early on that people would be bridging clouds and would need a seamless way to move an asset or piece of information from cloud to on-prem and back again," said Provoke COO Brendon Ford. "The Nintex Workflow Cloud platform allows customers to go from zero to hero without a lot of cost and without custom code."
  • "It is very easy to get started with Nintex Workflow Cloud because of its rich and powerful functionality and how well the platform integrates with cloud solutions like Dropbox, Dynamics, Salesforce and more," said Microsoft Practice Director Tom Castiglia at Konica Minolta Business Solutions. "For customers looking to move workloads to the cloud, Nintex allows them to quickly do so - becoming nimbler and easily scaling their automated processes which, in turn, allows enterprise IT staff to focus on more strategic and enjoyable work."
  • "Our world is moving in a direction where we all need to be closer to what technology offers, be able to readily adapt our businesses as well as adapt our processes to new requirements and new challenges," said Busitec CEO Henning Eiben. "Nintex Workflow Cloud frees customers from worrying about software updates and maintenance, while the Nintex engineering team is consistently adding new actions and connectors to its workflow cloud platform, which is very compelling for business and IT leaders."

Visit https://www.nintex.com/get-started/nwc-trial-request to sign up for a free trial of Nintex Workflow Cloud.

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Nintex, with its industry-leading workflow and content automation (WCA) technology, empowers professionals across business and IT departments to quickly turn inefficient manual processes into automated well-run engines. Nintex Workflow Cloud™, the company's cloud platform, connects with all content repositories, systems of record, and people to consistently fuel successful business outcomes. The platform adapts as a business evolves, delivering the visibility and intelligence to take control of current and future workflow challenges and opportunities.  Visit www.nintex.com to learn more.