Nintex Drawloop Adds New Features to Facilitate Document Generation, Approvals, and Process Management in Salesforce

BELLEVUE, Wash., Sept. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Nintex continues investing in the automation experience for Salesforce customers, announcing the latest release of the Nintex Drawloop app on the Salesforce AppExchange.

The Nintex Drawloop Summer 2017 Release enables Salesforce customers to use the full breadth of Nintex Workflow Cloud® capabilities to automate and optimize content creation and collaboration processes. (PRNewsfoto/Nintex)

The Nintex Drawloop Summer 2017 Release enhances the current document generation capabilities and makes it easier than ever for Salesforce customers to use the full breadth of Nintex Workflow Cloud® capabilities to automate and optimize content creation and collaboration processes. 

With this latest release, Salesforce users can easily wrap sophisticated workflow capabilities around document generation efforts with a few clicks not code.  The Nintex Drawloop Summer Release leverages document generation events (e.g., a new document has been created) or the manual clicking of a button in Salesforce to start a Nintex Workflow.  This makes it easier than ever to route documents for review and approval, send them off for e-signatures, or to support full document lifecycle processing.

"No one enjoys chasing documents or tracking down people to get work done," says Andrew Swanson, Vice President Enterprise Sales – Americas of Nintex. "Our latest release of the Nintex Drawloop app ensures consistency, repeatability and auditability across an organization's content creation and collaboration processes."

Nintex Drawloop, as part of this release, now supports a full "Lightning Experience" on Salesforce which eliminates the need for organizations who have migrated to Salesforce Lightning to switch back and forth between Classic and Lightning experiences. Salesforce customers can utilize all of Nintex Drawloop's capabilities from the new Lightning experience that is seeing rapid deployment and usage across enterprises.

Salesforce Community customers also benefit from this latest release. Salesforce Community admins historically wrote custom code to deploy Nintex Drawloop.  With the Summer Release, Lightning component support for Community Builder enables Salesforce Community customers to easily access needed document generation tools from their internal, customer- or partner-facing portals.

To learn more about Nintex Drawloop or to get the latest release, please visit the Salesforce AppExchange or

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