Barnardos Australia Places Critical Processes in Safe Hands with Nintex Promapp Deployment

SYDNEY, Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Nintex, the global standard for process management and automation, has announced that Barnardos Australia, a leading non-government, non-denominational, child protection organisation providing services for vulnerable children, young people and their families, will deploy Nintex Promapp® throughout its operations.

The cloud-based process platform will support Barnardos' commitment to ensuring that its operational and compliance processes successfully become an integral part of the organisation's strategic objectives, management systems, policies and procedures.

"As an organisation our aim is to have systems and processes in place that enable us to do the very best for the communities we serve, including vulnerable children and their families," says Penny Hood, Executive Manager, People & Practice, Barnardos Australia. "Having the right people on board and then having strong systems and processes with the right technology to support them is critical. We also need to use processes which are consistent and sufficiently robust so that staff can update and document a range of user-friendly procedures. Nintex Promapp will enable us to reach our goal of fostering a culture of continuous quality improvement."

Barnardos has more than 800 committed staff and works with a team of foster carers and supporters. Each year, the organisation supports more than 14,000 children, young people and families in New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), working with them to ensure children are living in an environment that is safe, stable and allows them to flourish. Over 90 per cent of Barnardos Australia's total expenditure is spent on direct service delivery.

The decision to deploy Nintex Promapp followed growth and expansion in its range of services and an internal audit which identified improvement opportunities in operational areas across the organisation. These included a requirement for a central repository of processes and the ongoing adoption of a culture of continuous improvement.

Barnardos also needed a solution which could support processes for both head office teams and remote field staff on the job. Robust procedures relating to donors, philanthropists and government agencies are required as the organisation has a duty of responsibility to report on how funds are being applied in the best way possible to achieve positive client outcomes.

Nintex Promapp will help document, enhance and share process knowledge from a central online repository, and contribute to process improvement by assisting users to maintain processes via simplified process mapping. Nintex Promapp's improvement add-on will also provide Barnardos with a central collaboration point to report and track quality issues.

In addition, Nintex Promapp will foster a culture of collaboration within Barnardos by enabling staff to make suggestions for process improvement as part of a central repository of content. The software's process variant management add-on will also be useful to Barnardos' operations in both the ACT and NSW jurisdictions where users can capture processes in line with the controlled variations prescribed by state legislation.

Phase one deployment of Nintex Promapp will focus on ensuring that all processes and operations are captured. This will enable and support Barnardos' portfolio of operations by providing a consistent framework for its People and Practice, Corporate and Finance Services, and Engagement Partnerships and Giving divisions. Compliance process champions will support the rollout of Nintex Promapp among head office teams.

Phase two will focus on reaping the benefits of the modular functionality of Nintex Promapp for continuous quality improvement, supporting a culture which encourages continuous feedback and providing a centralized location to manage processes, compliance requirements, risk and quality issues.

"We want to ensure that our valuable resources are spent on our clients. As a result, we'll also focus on ensuring that our back-office support and systems are as efficient as possible. Nintex Promapp is easy to use and understand and has valuable features which will support repeatable processes in line with the latest legislation.

"Once fully deployed across the organisation, Nintex Promapp will enable us to support our compliance reporting requirements and we'll be able to map processes around the work we do on a day-to-day basis.

We are a highly collaborative organisation and want to deploy Nintex Promapp across the organisation so that it can be part of our everyday operation as rapidly as possible," says Penny Hood.

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